Upgrading Your So Cal Home’s Curb Appeal

Spring is a very popular time for homeowners to tackle some exterior home remodeling and upgrades. Whether you’re preparing to sell in the near future, doing some routine maintenance, or wanting to do some upgrades for your own enjoyment, this could be the perfect time to build a new deck, get a new roof, or replace some old siding.

Each of these upgrades will also give your home a boost in curb appeal, and also in value!


There are some pretty clear signs that it is time to replace the siding on your home. And when all else fails, a good contractor (like ASR Construction!) can take a look at your siding and give you an honest assessment of its condition.

  • Dry rot. Once moisture gets behind your siding, it can encourage dry rot. Over time, these areas become unsightly and the siding weakens, which then prevents it from guarding your home against Mother Nature’s elements.
  • Cracked siding. This is just another chance for moisture to get somewhere it shouldn’t and start wreaking havoc. If you see cracks in your siding, you should work with ASR Construction or another local contractor you trust to either repair the siding in that area, or do a full-home replacement.
  • High energy costs. Is your A/C bill through the roof? Replacing old, outdated siding also means giving you a chance to add more exterior insulation, in turn making your home more energy efficient.
  • Bubbling or blistering. The blistering California summer sun can cause siding to bubble up. The affected areas should be replaced.
  • Outdated color. This might seem overly simple, but if the color of the siding on your home is extremely outdated, or hasn’t changed in years and years, it might be a good idea to replace it all instead of trying to paint over it.


 Let’s face it, if you’ve had some leaks after all this recent rain, you need to call in a professional to help. Whether your roof needs to be patched, or you need a new roof entirely, this is a very important part of your home to keep in tip-top shape.

Most last 20-25 years. If you can see multiple layers of shingles up there, it might need to be replaced sooner. If you haven’t experienced any leaks, but are thinking your roof is nearing the end of its lifespan, here are some other factors to consider:

  • Curling, buckling, & breakage
  • Missing shingles
  • Chimney flashing is no longer water-tight or intact
  • Neighbors are getting new roofs (aka, the homes were built around the same time, offering you a clue your turn is coming!)

Deck InstallationDecks

 Okay, let’s be honest, this is by far the most fun project of these three topics. There are so many different options for decks, materials that can be used, and furniture you can buy to enjoy it when the project is done.

The five most popular materials for today’s modern, chic decks are:

  • Pressure-treaded lumber
  • All-natural redwood or cedar
  • Tropical hardwoods (hey, when in So Cal!)
  • Composites

ASR Construction can walk you through all the options you have for each of these projects, and which materials will last the longest in the Southern California environment. Plus, we can work to create an accurate cost estimate, and get the project done for you in a timely fashion with top-quality service.