Emergency Packout

Emergency Packout ServicesWhen your property has been affected by a fire or water loss, the contents of your property are also impacted and require the same care and attention as the structure itself. At ASR, we recognize the importance and the value that you place on your personal property and provide emergency packout, cleaning, and storage of your contents until they can be returned to your home or business.

In many cases, contents can be cleaned and restored after a fire or water loss, and this can mean the return of irreplaceable family heirlooms, fewer items that will need to be replaced, and lower losses. The longer the contents of your property are wet or are affected by smoke damage, the less likely they can be cleaned and restored back to their original condition. Quickly packing and moving the items to a secure facility to be cleaned will greatly mitigate damage and increase the chances of the items being restored.

Contents Inventory & Documentation

We will fully document and inventory your belongings so you have a clear understanding of the items we have in our possession, as well as which items could not be restored. Your contents will be carefully packed up and moved out of the affected structure, and will be moved to our secure facility for cleaning and storage. When your property has been fully restored, we will deliver the restored items back to you.