Emergency Restoration Services in Southern California

Replace burned out light bulbs. Change air filters every thirty days. Mop up a spilled cup of coffee immediately. Tighten a loose emergency restoration in so cal, water damage restoration, fire damage restorationscrew when you notice it.  Every day you and your team maintain your property as a routine function of work. However, one of these days you are going to have an extraordinary event happen at the office that will require the help of a professional. So, when should you call a professional and how do you choose?

Water damage restoration– Water damage can begin as a broken dishwasher hose, a dripping a/v vest, or a clogged toilet. If you are able to catch and repair the leak quickly, be sure to double check that the walls, baseboards, ceilings, and floors are completely dry. However, discovering a slow leak that has run for a while might take more time and expertise. Consider if the water is category 1- clean potable water, category 2- gray water (liquid waste in the water) or even category 3 – black water (including sewage.) Professional water damage remediation considers the type of severity of water type and the category of evaporation in order to recommend a treatment. For example, a slow leak in the ceiling might take more precaution than a busted sink pipe. Sewage backup is almost always better performed by a professional team.  Due to its unsanitary origin, this type of water damage can be potentially infectious to humans and contain harmful viruses and bacteria. This problem requires special handling to prevent infection and the spread of disease, and should always be removed and cleaned up as soon as possible by a trained professional.

Flood and storm damage- Weather emergencies usually require outside help due to the urgency of salvaging equipment, client records, and inventory. If you are trying to save your stuff at the same time you are trying to maintain a damaged building, you might be overwhelmed. Professional teams have an established protocol and industrial equipment that most business owners cannot match.

Fire and smoke damage restoration– Fire departments are your first line of defense during a fire but the resulting scene will be too much to clean on your own. Teams with expertise in fire and smoke damage restoration have invaluable knowledge about the effects of smoke, soot, and residue caused by fire and can help you assess the damage and make plans to get your business running again as soon as possible. They can recommend best practices for salvaging inventory and electronic equipment that might have been drenched by the firefighters. Calling in professional help during a chaotic time will allow you to concentrate on your team, and your team can concentrate on your customers.

Your go-to for emergency help

When you determine that your problem requires more that your staff to handle, how should you decide on as a service provider? Preparing full disaster plans before an emergency will limit business interruption and save you both time and money. The first 24-48 hours after a property catastrophe are critical. You have a small window of opportunity to minimize damage and minimize cost. Therefore; you should research disaster restoration contractors ready to respond at a moment’s notice. You can learn more about your local emergency restoration professionals by:

  • Asking friends in the industry for recommendations. Perhaps a similar business had superior service with a provider that recognizes needs specific to your type of work.
  • Get it in writing. Before the company that you have chosen starts the work, make sure you are provided with a service contract and understand the details.
  • Don’t just ask for references, call and check them.

Emergency restoration is not an ideal situation, but recognizing when and who to hire for help will help your road to restoration go a lot more smoothly. ASR Construction is Ventura county’s largest restoration company specializing in emergency services. Within 60 minutes, ASR can have 30 highly trained and certified employees on site to stop the property from further damage and begin restoring your property and sanity immediately.