Commercial Property Water Damage Restoration

This project involves the restoration of the structure at 50 W. Daily Drive in Camarillo, California. The damage sustained was water as a result of a fire protection system sprinkler head being activated by accidental contact by the room guest on the early morning of Sunday November 4, 2012. ASR Construction received a request for services at this property by the general manager shortly after the initial loss.Due to the construction of the hotel the mitigation would be considered a specialty restoration. The construction, permeability, placement of vapor retarders, number of layers, degree of saturation, presence of contamination and the presence of furring or other air gaps should all be considered when choosing a drying method. The restorer has taken into account the above items and has found multiple layers of materials throughout the building. Due to the multiple layers the restorer has taken the stance of removal. The initial “class of water” was determined to be in majority class 2 and 3 due to the “initial determination of the amount of water and the likely or anticipated rate of evaporation based upon the quantity and type of wets materials in the affected space”. It could be deduced that these classes could be changed as the majority of the water will be removed from the building due to demolition. However, there will still be saturated construction material in place that will require drying. In a situation such as this restorers should use “professional judgment” during their drying process. Based off the information contained in this report this author renders the opinion that it be reasonable to conclude that the above mentioned property has been restored in a professional manner with “like for like” quality. The Insurance Group has accepted all proposals for mitigation and rebuild, all associated amounts with the proposals have been paid in full less the policy deductible. The General Manager has submitted the “Notice of Completion”, stating that all work has been completed in a satisfactory manner.

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