Hoarder Clean-Up

Hoarding is a known mental disorder where the excessive collection and possession of items, or even animals, interferes with a person’s daily functions including their physical needs, relationships, social interactions, and living environment. In most cases,  hoarders are willing to sacrifice the quality of their life and health to fulfill their hoarding urges. Hoarding can result in serious health or risk factors including accidental fires due to neglected maintenance of their property, risk of injuring themselves by falling over piles, and infection or illness from poor sanitation and poor living conditions.

Why Call ASR

The team of professionals at ASR will work with the hoarder and their advocates to implement a plan that will be discrete and focus on their needs. When you contact ASR for help with hoarder clean-up, you will receive compassionate, respectful help from professionals who have an understanding of the problem and emotional challenges the clean-up process may present.

We Understand Your Needs

Asking for assistance with clean-up does not have to be embarrassing or frustrating. The team at ASR does not simply enter a property affected by hoarding and throw everything away as if it were junk. We understand that there will be items that hold value and sentiment that should be organized and kept safe. Our team is highly trained in the hoarding disorder and they are also extremely flexible with the levels of your comfort.

If you require assistance with hoarder clean-up, ASR is here to help you in your time of need. We provide prompt, professional, and discrete services.