Asbestos Abatement

Asbestos RemovalMany building materials used from the 1930s until the mid 1970s contained asbestos including shingles, vinyl flooring, textured paint, and insulation. When those materials are damaged or disturbed, asbestos fibers can be released into the air and breathed into your lungs, causing a great health risk. Asbestos exposure has been shown to increase the risk of cancer and lung disease.

Asbestos abatement may be necessary if your home or business has been damaged by fire, water, or another disaster, or if you are considering remodeling your property and it contains materials that contain asbestos. Likewise, if asbestos materials are breaking down due to age and wear, you may also be in need of asbestos abatement services. ASR Specialty Services provides asbestos abatement, and our licensed, certified and insured team will ensure the asbestos abatement or removal is safely handled.

Should Asbestos Be Removed?

If you do happen to find out that your home or business has asbestos, your first instinct may be that you want to have it removed as quickly as possible. However, do not attempt to remove asbestos on your own. Undisturbed, materials containing asbestos are harmless and pose no risk, and in many cases it is best to leave it in place.

If removal is necessary, do not attempt to remove asbestos on your own. There are many regulations and laws to ensure that asbestos abatement is completed properly and any asbestos-containing materials have been safely handled and disposed of. Entrust the job to a professional with the expertise, training, and certifications to safely and legally remove and dispose of the asbestos-containing material.

In some cases, it may be safer to seal the asbestos materials than to remove it, and an asbestos abatement professional can provide additional guidance and recommendations. If you would like more information or to obtain an estimate for asbestos abatement, contact us today.