Stucco, Carpentry


Stucco is hands down one of the most popular exterior looks on homes in the southwest United States, and California is no exception. This particular exterior finish can give any building an expensive and classic appearance. Stucco is known for withstanding inclement weather, being durable and fire-resistant, and being pretty budget-friendly to maintain. For homeowners looking for an environmentally-friendly option, stucco should be toward the top of the list because it is derived from the earth and has little to no impact on the earth’s resources.

At ASR, we’ve perfected our stucco technique and do nearly flawless work. We rely on four key factors: product quality, skill of our application specialists, close project management, and overall project supervision. Every member of our team has a clearly defined role from start to finish.

Stucco is installed via a three-step process that includes a scratch coat, leveling coat, and then the finishing coat (this is where your color selection comes into play). Depending on the current exterior of the home or business, another initial step may be required to apply lath to the wall, which allows the stucco to cling to the structure.

At ASR, we stand behind our work. While we always recommend getting an annual checkup, these are just a precaution and for the most part, homes come back with few or no issues. We love giving clean bills of health year after year on the homes we’ve done!


Carpenters are usually the first to arrive on a project site, and the last to leave. In the case of many of our rebuild projects, our skilled carpenters are responsible for creating critical elements including framing and cabinetry. Our carpenters are involved in many of the jobs ASR Construction handles – whether it is a home remodel by choice, or reconstruction after a building fire.

Is there a specific remodeling or upgrade job you have want to tackle in your home? Our carpenters can provide you with a free, competitive quote for the project, and can offer professional and friendly guidance during the planning phase. We also include a detailed sketch of your project to help you get a visual feel for the final outcome of the project, big or small. Our team will work you and guide you every step of the way from the initial concept to the final installation.

ASR Construction has been serving Southern California for decades, and strives to have happy customers every single time. We believe in the importance of referrals from friends, family, and colleagues based on the quality of our work. In addition to our restoration services after property disasters like fires and floors, ASR offers general consulting services and full reconstruction. We believe in delivering “Quality Service You Can Trust” every single time, and promise to do our part to make sure your project is done on time, on budget, and in a manner that makes you a lifelong ASR customer.